New York Global Group Hosts Chinese Government Delegation to New York,Supports Yale University’s Educational Program


The Chinese delegation was led by the honorable Dr. Qiu Baoxing, Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, the Chinese government ministry that dictates China’s national policies on urban planning and real estate development across the country of China. Senior officials from the Chinese Consulate in New York, professors and scholars from Yale University and China’s Tsinghua University led by Dr. Alan Brewster, Associate Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, as well as several institutional investors also participated in the event hosted by New York Global Group.

After a warm welcome from Mr. Benjamin Wey, a bilingual expert on China and the president of New York Global Group, the keynote presentation was delivered by Professor Mosette Broderick, a guest of New York Global Group and the Director of Urban Design and Architecture Studies and Historical and Sustainable Architecture at New York University. Professor Broderick highlighted the colorful history of the development of New York City. The question and answer period and the general discussion focused on China’s huge housing development needs, real estate market development and investor sentiment towards China. Dr. Qiu, the Deputy Minister of China, who has a BS degree in Physics and two PhDs in Architecture and Urban Planning and in Economics, said that China is currently constructing over 1 billion square meters of new housing each year and he believes China’s economic growth and developments in real estate are manageable.

The Chinese mayors and professors from Yale University expressed their appreciation towards New York Global Group for NYGG’s long standing history of supporting educational programs and China’s urban and economic development. For more than ten years, New York Global Group has supported educational programs and economic development in China.

“For the past decade, New York Global Group has been supporting bilateral trade and economic relations between United States and China. This visit was a great educational success for these local Chinese mayors and leaders. New York Global Group continues to see significant growth opportunities in many sectors across China. We look forward to seeing many of these Chinese mayors again in China,” said James N. Baxter, Esq. General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer of New York Global Group.

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