New York Global Group Executives James Baxter and Benjamin Wey Featured Speakers at MIT


At the invitation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), James Baxter, Executive Chairman, and Benjamin Wey, CEO of Wall Street global investment firm New York Global Group were featured speakers on U.S.-China Mergers and Acquisitions among a standing room-only audience Saturday May 18, 2013 at the MIT Sloan School of Management in Boston.

The MIT audience included business leaders, MBA and Ph.D. students and faculty from MIT, as well as visitors from Harvard University and other institutions. More than 200 people crowded the MIT Sloan School auditorium for the 3 hour academic forum featuring New York Global Group executives James Baxter and Benjamin Wey.

The MIT event focused on M&A activities in the Chinese and U.S. markets, challenges and misunderstanding in the U.S. regulatory environment towards China related M&A transactions. The MIT forum was hosted by the MIT China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, a leading MIT organization that supports cooperation and job creation between U.S. and China.

New York Global Group Chairman James Baxter said that the main purpose of the MIT forum was about the growing opportunities between U.S. and China.

James Baxter is the former head of Far East Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch. A Harvard Law School and Yale University graduate, Baxter is also a former attorney at global law firm Sullivan & Cromwell. Jams Baxter is currently a leader in the Association of Corporate Counsel – the largest organization of in-house counsel in America.

With access to more than $500 million in investment capital, New York Global Group (NYGG) has approximately 20 years’ experience advising Asia related projects. NYGG has worked with Fortune Global 500 companies, governments and others on complex projects for more than 15 years involving more than 250 transactions.

“Financing opportunities in the U.S. of Chinese companies are down significantly because of lack of understanding towards each other on both sides of the Pacific,” said Benjamin Wey. “It’s fear about lack of regulatory clarity that has to change so that the people in these two great nations can share a bright future together,” Wey said.

Benjamin Wey, a multilingual American financier is a frequent lecturer and scholar specialized in Asia related topics. As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, Benjamin Wey recently joined the Advisory Board of Carnegie Mellon University’s U.S. – China Summit. Wey is a guest lecturer on capital markets at the University of Maryland as well as several other top universities. Benjamin Wey has a Master’s degree in business and is a member of the Columbia Business School community at Columbia University.

“New York Global Group executives brought a fascinating event to MIT and we highly appreciate their deep knowledge. We very much enjoyed it. MIT will invite them back for future events and seek their advice,” said Michael Chen, Co-President of the MIT event.

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