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Financier Benjamin Wey Exonerated, Seeks $1 Billion Damages in Suit
BENJAMIN WEY, wall street financier, CEO, journalist, New York Global Group

Financier Benjamin Wey Exonerated in Victory, Hires Plaintiffs Lawyers Seeking $1 Billion in Damages


BENJAMIN WEY, wall street financier, CEO, journalist, New York Global Group

BENJAMIN WEY, an American financier and the CEO of private equity firm New York Global Group was exonerated of all charges in a landmark victory for citizens and businesses.

On August 8, 2017New York federal prosecutors dropped all allegations against Wall Street employer Benjamin Wey, who was falsely charged in 2015 for alleged securities law violations. This historic win created a new case law in America, drawing immense worldwide media attention reported in multiple languages. Reuters: U.S. regulators voluntarily drop fraud case against Wall Street financier Benjamin Wey, complete victory.

“On April 9. 2018, financier Benjamin Wey sued the NASDAQ and 14 other NASDAQ defendants for lying to the FBI, SEC and DOJ, fraudulently making up nonexistent NASDAQ listing rules to advance their greedy commercial interests.” 

Press release: Benjamin Wey sues 14 NASDAQ defendants for fraud, lying to the FBI


Benjamin Wey, an Asian American financier has always maintained his innocence: “I am vindicated. I am grateful. I was wrongfully accused and abused. But I have never lost faith in the American justice system. Certain individuals and entities lied, duping federal authorities into a seven-year witch hunt that resulted in massive losses of business, reputation and jobs, causing irreparable harm to our employees, clients and families.”

Read more: New York Business Journal: SEC voluntarily dismisses all charges against financier Benjamin Wey

The complete and voluntary dismissal by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) comes in the wake of a June 13 2017 ruling by U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan slamming unlawful conduct by misguided FBI agents – directed by a former SDNY prosecutor, who’s earned millions for himself touting the botched Benjamin Weycase as his “accomplishment.”

Judge Alison Nathan ruled that the illegal searches of Mr. Wey’s home and office in January 2012 broke the law, violated Mr. Wey’s Fourth Amendment constitutional right against unreasonable searches and seizures. The esteemed federal judge wrote in a 92-page opinion, ruling federal agents in New York conducted “sweeping physical and electronic searches lacking in any discernible parameter beyond the inappropriately broad terms of the warrants themselves.”


“This case should serve as a powerful reminder for years to come that the government must adhere to fundamental safeguards of citizens’ privacy and liberty,” said Haynes and Boone partner David Siegal, a legendary former federal prosecutor with a stellar record of winning landmark cases, counsel to Mr. Wey.

Judge Alison Nathan further opined in her landmark ruling: “The FBI agents – who are charged with reasonable knowledge of what the law prohibits – appear to have disregarded well-established constitutional principles that provide a bulwark against the execution of general warrants. That reflects, at the least, gross negligence or recklessness as to the potential for violation of the Fourth Amendment.”


Benjamin Wey Sues NASDAQ, Adena Friedman, 14 Defendants For Lying to FBI, Fraud


Benjamin Wey commented: “Judge Alison Nathan is my American hero and an admirable defender of our Constitution. US government authorities were grossly misled by those with ulterior motives. After a wild-goose chase, a politically hyped fake case was rushed in September 2015 ‘getting tough on Wall Street’ – fixated on fabricated allegations, false statements, nonexistent Nasdaq listing standard, completely made up ‘corrupt brokers’ B.S. – high on a PR gambit tailor-made for rousing petulant roosters, but none, ZERO on correct facts or the law.”

Benjamin Wey, Amercian financier, complete vindication

“Government agencies were misled by the vindictive NASDAQ, FINRA – of which we are not even their damn members within their jurisdiction – but they colluded and blatantly retaliated against a NASDAQ-listed company, which had won against a rigged NASDAQ delisting, exposed racial profiling of China-based companies. These liars enriched their own commercial interests at our expense, purposefully lying to our government for personal gains in a rotten regulatory regime.”

Through a FOIA production by the Securities and Exchange Commission, other facts have surfaced.


Benjamin Wey welcomes top litigation law firms and whistleblowers to contact us:

“It takes courage, facts, law, media and money to relentlessly expose fraudsters,” said investigative journalist, financier Benjamin Wey. “We have secured concrete evidence and the dedicated resources to win big.”

“We are excited many plaintiff’s attorneys have approached us. We will hire the most competent and aggressive to join a dream team. We have been irreparably harmed, our rights violated. Important principles must be inflexible. ”

Our investigations, free speech for justice will continue. YOLO!


Legal Counsel to Benjamin Wey

Jonathan D. Lupkin, Esq.
Telephone: (646) 367-2771
Email: info@lupkinpllc.com