Discussing China’s Capital Markets in Steel Town, USA

Last week Benjamin Wey traveled to Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University for their “Summit on US-China Relations.” Love the town, and had a great time serving a guest speaker along with several other highly qualified investment professionals from major Wall Street banks.
Sitting up there with some pretty impressive company, we focused on China’s growth and maturity in capital markets. This included innovation in the Chinese derivative markets, quantitative strategies in China, the globalization of investors in China’s Capital Markets and financing for private Chinese companies.
I found myself at CMU through more than 15 years as a private sector financier here in America with a focus on China through our firm, New York Global Group (“NYGG”).
While the talk was pretty free-wheeling, I wanted to point out one top insight: U.S. and China are perhaps some of the most important bilateral relationships in the world. There are significant opportunities to develop between these two countries. New York Global Group celebrates 15 years of office presence in China from 1998 to 2013. (www.nyggroup.com )
It was an engaging lesson, and I look forward to traveling to Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon again for their next summit.
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