legal disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

New York Global Group
, or NYGG, refers to one or more of New York Global Group in the United States and NYGG China, and their subsidiaries and affiliates in Asia, which are Asia-based private companies. Each entity is legally separate and independently owned.

About Us:

In the United States: New York Global Group has a single focus: acting as a liaison to primarily Asia-based clients. We assist them in several key areas – introduction of strategic relationships, including introduction of relations with duly licensed global investment banking firms, and general communications between Asia and the U.S. Our U.S. arm is not, and does not act as a broker-dealer or investment adviser. We do not sell securities. We do not accept finders’ fees, and neither do we share in the compensation of investment bankers. We do not provide investment banking, auditing services, or legal advice. When our clients need such services or advice, they select and directly retain U.S. or Asian specialists, who answer directly to the clients and are compensated directly by the clients. We do not participate in the transaction fees earned by NYGG Asia.

In Asia:

NYGG China or its affiliates are licensed under Chinese law within their scope of business to arrange financing in Asia; form a syndicate of investment banks or other entities in Asia to directly or indirectly distribute registered securities to Asia-based investment clubs, Asia based accredited individual investors and global institutional investment funds; make direct investments and provide investment and other advice to Asia-based clients; and earn compensation for doing so. NYGG China conducts business extensively in Asia. NYGG China regularly works with other Asia-based partnership firms that are licensed to conduct similar businesses in Asia. NYGG China has no employees or presence in the United States, and conducts no business in the United States. NYGG China has multilingual financial analysts, extensive business contacts and relationships across the Asia Pacific regions identifying potentially outstanding companies; carrying out extensive due diligence; introducing strategic relationships, including but not limited to arranging mergers and acquisitions; arranging strategic transactions and providing bridge and other types of financings; and assisting clients with accounting and other disclosure standards, if so requested by their clients. NYGG China or their employees or relationships sometimes make investments in certain companies which may or may not be their advisory clients. NYGG China has access to approximately US$1 billion in investment capital through a network of value and growth oriented global institutional investment funds, high net worth investors, investment clubs in Asia and investment portfolio asset managers. When NYGG China participates in an investment as an investor or arranges a financing in Asia for a corporate client that is a U.S. listed public company or seeks to become a public company in the U.S., it does so under an exemption from registration under the U.S. Securities Act.

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“New York Global Group” and “NYGG” are brands, and registered trademarks, under which all of their dedicated professionals in independent firms in New York and Asia collaborate to provide due diligence and disclosure, project financing, and global liaison services to selected clients. Each firm provides services in a particular geographic area, and is subject to the laws and professional regulations of the particular country or countries in which it operates. New York Global Group and NYGG China are separate and distinct legal entities, which cannot obligate each other. Each of these companies is separately capitalized, has its own management team, and provides a distinct array of services.

For additional information, please contact The Office of General Counsel, New York Global Group, New York City. Telephone: 212-566-0499.