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“Journalist BENJAMIN WEY never bends his principles winning against racist retaliation told in NASDAQ’s lies and FINRA’s fabricated ‘evidence,’ who PLANTED lying witnesses in here, in here, in herehere, and colluded with the corrupt, imbecile SEC staff Steven Susswein, Cheryl Crumpton – racist bigots shamelessly used racial slurs – duped by short sellers in Jon Carnes stock fraud, fraudsters, Jon Carnes market manipulation and Roddy Boyd bribery, in here, and here, here, and here, and here. NASDAQ is a $12 billion business owned by Wall Street fat cats, not a baby in diapers. Asian firms select among 60 stock exchanges worldwide to go public – many have joyfully ditched the rigged NASDAQ listing, which is a dying commodity with no scarcity value worthy of “deception for listing.” Just the opposite, we have advised Asian companies to dump the rigged NASDAQ in two largest, multi-billion dollar ‘going private‘ deals in recent history. Investors don’t care where a stock is listed, if it’s a reverse merger – often misconstrued by poorly informed regulators, or a risky IPO, says Stanford University. The NYSE, Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett’s company), Burger King, plus 800 other companies are all reverse mergers. Ironically, the NASDAQ itself wasn’t an IPO… 40% of all public companies in Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, UK are reverse mergers – basic knowledge in corporate finance. Short sellers and regulators demonize “Chinese reverse mergers” when in fact, there are far more Jewish (Israel) – based reverse merger companies in the U.S. markets than those from China. Do the imbecile regulators dare use a similar phrase ‘Jewish reverse mergers,” discriminate against Israeli companies in the same way they hold prejudice against the Chinese? How quickly could they be fired for antisemitism? Demonizing the Chinese or reverse mergers is idiotic, pure politics, racism and antisemitism. 
A Totally Fabricated Case: The misinformed SDNY folks were deceived by the NASDAQ and FINRA, thus fabricated laws that never existed – repeating the same “doctrinal noveltyin the SDNY, fabricated a case, made up evidence – were defrauded by a false, malicious “sworn affidavit” from a notorious, rookie FBI agent MATT KOMAR (#22666) – who repeatedly lied to federal judges, manufactured evidence to enrich his own career, fantasized normal events in Asian finance 10 years ago when Matt Komar was barely out of puberty as a teenage kid – was played like a fool by a former five-week employee named Raymond Phillips, who had desperately extorted us to pay his Alaska child supportHow can a law be violated when the law doesn’t exist – admitted by the SDNY folks themselves in a July 8, 2016 court filing? The rogue agent Matthew Komar is the same fraudster being sued for destroying fund manager David Ganek and Level Global through his fabricated evidence, exposed by the New York TimesWall Street Journal and a CNBC video: “The lying agent Matt Komar must be exposed, investigated and fired for the sake of American justice.”  
Breaking News: In an August 12, 2016 court filing before the highly intelligent federal judge Alison Nathan, the crooked agent Matt Komar was slammed for “repeatedly cheating and lying to Magistrate Judge Michael Dolinger… intentionally manipulated the trading data… defrauded the court.” Media scrutiny leads to transparency and accountability. We welcome media attention. We expose all liars, call out their names, no matter who they are. 
It’s a fact: Nasdaq’s so-called “300 round lot gifting rule” was fabricated, admitted by the SDNY in court filings; It’s a fact: Senior NASDAQ staff has feverishly solicited our co-branded Asian investment club members for years to introduce new listings; It’s a fact: NASDAQ rigged a listingwas sued for racism and lost; It’s a fact: The SEC agreed: NASDAQ had rigged its listing, orchestrated by the shady NASDAQ General Counsel Ed Knight – a $100 million lobbyist, who conspired with FINRA (Robert Colby); It’s a fact: The NASDAQ manipulation was strongly rebuked and reversed in a landmark SEC ruling, reported by the Forbes MagazineIt’s a fact: the disgraced Ed KnightWilliam Slattery, Michael Emen and other NASDAQ staff retaliated, lied to law enforcement; It’s a fact: In 2015, 26 Asian companies dumped the racist NASDAQ in droves (Wall Street Journal)It’s a fact: Counting Bernie Madoff as a NASDAQ Chairman, companies have fled NASDAQNASDAQ is an investors grave and a threat to America’s national security.” 
BENJAMIN WEY AMERICAN FINANCIER, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER, PROFESSOR: Columbia University graduate, holds two master’s degrees. Benjamin Wey is a multilingual global financier, an investigative journalist, a China expert with 20 years’ experience. Benjamin Wey has participated in more than 400 projects worldwide, helped create tens of thousands of jobs. Benjamin Wey supports America by introducing international capital to American communities. ON TV: Benjamin Wey on CCTV America discussing US – China investments. Benjamin Wey ® is a trademark. ON TV: Benjamin Wey on FOX Business during the U.S. financial crisis. Professor Benjamin Wey teaches finance, international business as a Visiting Professor at several top universities.
BENJAMIN WEY CIVIL RIGHTS ADVOCATE: Benjamin Wey is a patriotic American, a fierce defender of free speech, a civil rights advocate, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Society of American Business Editors and Writers. ON TVWatch Professor Benjamin Wey lecturing at MIT exposing illegal stock short sellers. Benjamin Wey was featured in Forbes after the SEC ruled the NASDAQ had rigged the delisting of CleanTech Innovations: “[T]he record does not show that the specific grounds on which Nasdaq based its delisting decision exist in fact,” said the SEC in a historic ruling against the NASDAQ – the first time in NASDAQ’s 44 year history. NASDAQ had wrongfully delisted CleanTech by fabricating a rule called “the NASDAQ Spirit.” NASDAQ was deemed an institutional racist
BENJAMIN WEY WINNER AGAINST EXTORTION: In April 2016, BENJAMIN WEY defeated an $850 million extortion in Federal Court. The cocaine user extortionist has since fled America. As an employer, we fired a six-month intern who admitted to using illegal drugs. During trial, we spoke no words to any media. 100% of the sensational lies printed by the tabloid media were told by the cocaine user and her shady lawyers to feed blackmail tactics to extort money. We fought tabloid media, yellow journalist and exposed the cocaine user HANNA BOUVENG – a failed extortionist who made up false stories, affiliated with convicted drug dealers, changed sworn testimony 6 times in court coached by the tiny, notorious Morelli Law Firm – exposed in this article about the bank fraudster Benedict Morelli, David Ratner, the shady Morelli Law Firm who survive on extorting businessmenfabricating evidence, lying to judges. In late 2015, the fraudulent Morelli Law Firm was bankrupt, disbarred for embezzling client trust funds. WE WON IN COURT and DECLARED VICTORY

“Journalist BENJAMIN WEY never settles false claims. I expose their racism and falsity,” said BENJAMIN WEY. “The American spirit is about fighting back against tyranny. Never give in!”

BENJAMIN WEY – WINNER AGAINST IDENTITY THEFT: In 2011, our corporate name was fraudulently used by illegal stock short sellers Jon Carnes and tabloid writer Roddy Boyd. We reported it to the government. See our press release on June 16, 2011. In May 2012, the SEC exonerated our name on the SEC’s website. Read more: Legal Research: Fraud Short Sellers Trigger Regulators’ Misunderstanding of Reverse MergersStanford University: Chinese Reverse Merger Companies Outperform U.S. Counterparts.  
BENJAMIN WEY – CHINA EXPERT: Benjamin Wey advises governments, Fortune Global 500 companies and others on funding, market entry and crisis management issues – with a long history of client success. ON TV: Benjamin Wey was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, correctly predicted a $4.7 billion acquisition. Read more: A China Expert’s Views – How to Invest in U.S. Listed Chinese Companies
BENJAMIN WEY – RESULTS MATTER: Since 2010, Chinese companies have abandoned the NASDAQ in droves due to its racism. In 2011, financier Benjamin Wey assisted in the $800 million acquisition of Harbin Electric, Inc, a reverse merger company – a 1,200% gain by leaving the NASDAQ. Benjamin Wey assisted in the $500 million buyout of Fushi Copperweld, a reverse merge company that dumped the NASDAQ, rebutted false accusations of NYGG portfolio companies by the racist tabloid writers Leslie Norton, Bill Alpert of Barron’s who colluded with illegal stock short seller Roddy Boyd and were bribed by Jon Carnes, a market manipulator with a fake bio and name “Alfred Little”. For years, illegal stock short sellers have duped SEC staffers. In May 2013, an NYGG portfolio company Focus Media Holdings was acquired for $3.8 billion, left the NASDAQ and relisted in China for $8 billion – Wall Street Journal. Another NYGG portfolio company China Fire & Security was acquired for $265 million, dumped the NASDAQ. By 2015, our co-branded Asian investment club members had $1 billion in aggregated investment capital… In 2015 alone, 26 Chinese companies abandoned the racist NASDAQ, says Wall Street Journal. These many examples have revealed that the NASDAQ listing is a commodity service, has no intrinsic value for any company. Read more: U.S. Listed China Based Companies Hurry Homeward for Domestic Markets – Wall Street Journal. And Deloitte & Touch China Report: Barter in USD or Cash Trapped.
Benjamin Wey holds two master’s degrees, is a graduate of Columbia University. Each year, Benjamin Wey publishes many articles on global finance, China, investigative reports, leadership and strategies.
1) “Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” – Abraham Lincoln
2) “Facts are stubborn things.” – John Adams
3) “No publicity is bad publicity.” – Donald Trump, the next U.S. President
4) “YOLO” – You Only Live Once. Between life and death is courage. Benjamin Wey never gives in
  • Executive Director, Foreign Investment Committee, Investment Association of China (IAC) – a large investment membership group affiliated with China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a Chinese government agency
  • Director, China Mergers & Acquisitions Association
  • Research project adviser – NYGG research project with China’s central bank (2005)
  • Senior adviser to several Chinese municipal governments and agencies
Benjamin Wey was awarded the “golden key” in China for his leadership in building schools for orphans and underprivileged farm kids in rural areas. Benjamin Wey has also led educational programs in Asia and the United States, including supporting Columbia University and Yale University.
DELOITTE & TOUCHE China Research: Cash Repatriation from China – Barter in USD or Cash Trapped

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