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BENJAMIN WEY: Columbia University alumnus, holds two master’s degrees. 
BENJAMIN WEY is a multilingual global private equity financier, an expert on litigation finance, and a leading China expert with 20 years’ experience successfully advising a large global clientele. Access to more than $1 billion in investment capital through co-branded entities, Benjamin Wey supports job growth and advances justiceBenjamin Wey ® is a U.S. registered trademark. 
FUNDING BUSINESSES, CREATING JOBS: Benjamin Wey has participated in more than 600 projects worldwide and helped create tens of thousands of jobs. 
FUNDING LAWSUITS, WINNING FOR JUSTICE: Benjamin Wey has a record of winning all cases involving highly contentious litigation. Just recently, Mr. Wey defeated a nutty fraudster professor and FINRA crony in New York’s appellate court, and created a new case law defending free speech.  Mr. Wey advises on high-stakes lawsuits and PR strategies, assisting clients in pursuing and publicly exposing abusers. The Latest: Lawsuit Against FINRA Fraudsters, reported by Forbes. According to the Forbes Magazine: “…[the landmark lawsuit against FINRA] may prove to define, limit, FINRA’s abuses of power affecting the lives of non-FINRA-members, of which there are over 330 million of us in the U.S.” In August 2017, Benjamin Wey announced pursuit of damages against the NASDAQ and FINRA defendants who had lied to the FBI, SEC and DOJ, and engaged in malicious prosecution. In April 2018, Benjamin Wey filed a $250 million lawsuit against NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman (exposing a corrupt background riding on nepotism through her T. Rowe Price CEO dad Michael D. Testa), and named 14 other NASDAQ defendants for fraud and lying to the U.S. government. In August 2018, Benjamin Wey sued FINRA CEO Richard Ketchum, Robert Colby and other FINRA defendants for lying to the FBI, DOJ, SEC. 
THE LATEST: Financier Benjamin Wey Sues NASDAQ for Malicious Prosecution, NASDAQ Lies to FBI, DOJ and SEC at Center of Case
THE FORBES MAGAZINE (April 2018): Lawsuit: NASDAQ Lied to the Feds, Sued for Malicious Prosecution
NEWS: Benjamin Wey Sues NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman, 14 NASDAQ Defendants for Malicious Prosecution, Lying to FBI, DOJ

“The publicized lawsuit filed in New York on April 9, 2018 against NASDAQ’s racist top brass is an extremely well-funded case buttressed with facts. The fourteen NASDAQ defendants lied to the FBI, SEC and DOJ thus committed crimes: Half a dozen federal agents swore under oath, attributing to the NASDAQ defendants as the source of lies told the SEC, FBI and DOJ. NASDAQ’s top dogs led by CEO Adena Friedman and Washington lobbyist Ed Knight fabricated a nonexistent NASDAQ listing rule violation, causing the wrongful prosecution (dismissal and exoneration by the court) of innocent Americans. More telling, the SEC voluntarily made a rare public announcement distancing itself from NASDAQ’s gross misconduct. Stay tuned…All evidence will be publicized.” 

Our legal position is concurred by the SEC Commissioners. In August 2018, Columbia law professor and SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson publicly stated: “Exchanges [like NASDAQ] cannot have it both ways,” said Jackson, “they [stock exchanges] cannot keep profits for the private shareholders and then expect to be able to hurt people and not be held accountable. It is one or the other — either they are the government, or they are a private profit-making institution… it’s time to take a hard look at exchanges like the NASDAQ.”  Read more: SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson Blasts Fraudulent NASDAQ Regulatory Immunity, Holding the Abusive NASDAQ Profit Model to Account.

BENJAMIN WEY is a fierce defender of America’s constitutional rights. ON TVWatch Benjamin Wey lecturing at MIT exposing illegal stock short sellers and regulatory abusers at FINRA, NASDAQ.  Benjamin Wey’s views are broadly covered by the mainstream media. ON TV: Benjamin Wey on CCTV America discussing US – China investments. ON TV: Benjamin Wey on FOX News discussing U.S. job growth. Read Benjamin Wey’s Op-Ed published in the New Boston Post on May 16, 2018.

CHINA EXPERT: Benjamin Wey has a long history of advising governments, Fortune Global 500 companies and others on funding, market entry strategies and crisis management matters involving China. ON TV: Benjamin Wey was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, correctly predicted a $4.7 billion acquisition. 
RESULTS MATTER: Since 2010, Chinese companies have abandoned the NASDAQ in droves due to NASDAQ discrimination. In 2011, financier Benjamin Wey assisted in the $800 million acquisition of Harbin Electric, Inc, a reverse merger company, and generated a 1,200% shareholder gain by ditching the NASDAQ. Benjamin Wey assisted in the $500 million buyout of Fushi Copperweld, a reverse merge company that dumped the NASDAQ, rebutting false accusations of NYGG clients by the corrupt tabloid writers Leslie Norton, Bill Alpert of Barron’s who colluded with illegal stock short seller Roddy Boyd, who were bribed by market manipulator Jon Carnes – a fake bio and fake name “Alfred Little”. For years, illegal stock short sellers duped SEC staffers as exposed. In May 2013, an NYGG portfolio company Focus Media Holdings was acquired for $3.8 billion, left the NASDAQ and relisted in China for $12 billion, The Wall Street Journal reported. Another NYGG portfolio company China Fire & Security was acquired for $265 million, dumped the NASDAQ. In 2015 alone, 26 Chinese companies abandoned the racist NASDAQ, says Wall Street Journal. Read more: U.S. Listed China Based Companies Hurry Homeward for Domestic Markets – Wall Street Journal
Prevailed Against the Racist NASDAQ Staff, Crushed NASDAQ’s Rigged Delisting, Exposed NASDAQ Liars – the First Time in NASDAQ’s 44-Year History: Benjamin Wey was featured in Forbes after the SEC’s landmark ruling against the NASDAQ for rigging the delisting of CleanTech Innovations: “[T]he record does not show that the specific grounds on which Nasdaq based its delisting decision exist in fact,” said the SEC in a historic ruling against the NASDAQ. NASDAQ had wrongfully delisted CleanTech by fabricating a nonexistent NASDAQ listing rule called “the NASDAQ Spirit.” NASDAQ was exposed as an institutional racist
Prevailed Against the Duped SEC, DOJ and FBI Agents Who Were Misled by Lies Told by NASDAQ, FINRA: In August 2017, “Benjamin Wey Defeated Fabricated Charges, Seeks $1 Billion in Damages Against NASDAQ, FINRA For Lying to the Government.” Read the Press Release , read the case background and legal statement. In May 2018, federal judge issued a landmark ruling defeating ambulance chasing lawyers and false claims against Benjamin Wey and 6D Global Technologies, Law360 reported
Complete Vindication, Victory and Conclusion of a Sensational Case revealed in a New York Federal Court Order
Benjamin Wey holds two master’s degrees. He is a Columbia University (Columbia Business School) graduate. Benjamin Wey publishes many articles on global finance, China, investigative reports and strategies.
1) “Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” – Abraham Lincoln
2) “Facts are stubborn things.” – John Adams
3) “YOLO” – Between life and death is courage. Benjamin Wey never gives in.
Benjamin Wey was awarded the “golden key” in China for his leadership in building schools for orphans and underprivileged farm kids in rural areas. Benjamin Wey has also led educational programs supporting Columbia University and Yale University.
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