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BENJAMIN WEY, Columbia University graduate, holds two master’s degrees. Benjamin Wey is a multilingual American financier, a strategic adviser on Wall Street, an acclaimed investigative journalist and a recognized China expert. Benjamin Wey has approximately 20 years’ professional experience, in-depth knowledge of international cultures and global contacts. Benjamin Wey has participated in more than 400 projects worldwide. Watch a live TV interview of Benjamin Wey on CCTV America discussing US – China cross border investments. Benjamin Wey‘s name - Benjamin Wey® is a U.S. registered trademark protected under U.S. and international laws.
BENJAMIN WEY – FEARLESS JOURNALIST, CIVIL RIGHTS ADVOCATE: Benjamin Wey is a prolific and persistent investigative reporter, a fierce defender of free speech, a civil rights advocate, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, and a member of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. Watch a video of Benjamin Wey lecturing at MIT exposing illegal stock short sellers and their harm posed to the American society. Journalist Benjamin Wey is a fearless and vocal fighter against racism and racial profiling (Forbes Magazine). For investigative journalist Benjamin Wey, fighting against social injustice, racism and regulatory abusers is personal. Benjamin Wey uses his resources to personally identify and vigorously challenge those perceived to support racist perspectives. Benjamin Wey is also a member of the publishing team of the highly popular TheBlot Magazine - “Voice for the Voiceless…”, one of the fastest growing media publications in America with millions of global readers each year. Journalist Benjamin Wey fights back against extortion and abusers of the American justice system, as revealed in this example against an obscure ambulance chaser law firm, Morelli Alters Ratner that has a long history of extorting innocent Americans.



BENJAMIN WEY – STRATEGIC ADVISER, CHINA EXPERT: Benjamin Wey advises several governments, Fortune Global 500 companies and other businesses worldwide on complex funding, strategic market entry and crisis management issues. Well recognized for his abilities to achieve extraordinary results for clients, Benjamin Wey is a sought-after China expert with a long history of client success. Watch Benjamin Wey in a TV interview by the Wall Street Journal discussing U.S. – China relations and his correct prediction of the $4.7 billion acquisition of Smithfield Foods by a Chinese company.

EXPERIENCE: In 2011, financier Benjamin Wey correctly predicted the $800 million “going private” acquisition of Harbin Electric, Inc, which led to an investment gain of 1,200% for investors. Benjamin Wey also correctly predicted the $500 million “going private” acquisition of Fushi Copperweld, rebutting wrongful accusations of NYGG portfolio companies by the ignorant and racist tabloid writers Leslie Norton, Bill Alpert, Barron’s and illegal stock short seller Roddy Boyd, who have misled regulators and investors alike for many years. In 2013, a NYGG portfolio company Focus Media Holdings was acquired for $3.8 billion, led by The Carlyle Group; and another NYGG portfolio company China Fire & Security Group was acquired for $265 million, led by Bain Capital. These successful transactions and many others have been correctly predicted and participated by financier and China expert Benjamin Wey
BENJAMIN WEY – A PROUD AMERICAN BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, SUPPORTER OF AMERICAN JOBS: Benjamin Wey supports America’s job growth by introducing international capital that benefits American communities and providing jobs to our fellow Americans. Watch a TV interview of Benjamin Wey on FOX Business News during the recent global financial crisis.
Benjamin Wey holds two master’s degrees. A graduate of Columbia University in New York City, Benjamin Wey is also a Visiting Professor of Finance at several universities. Benjamin Wey publishes many articles each year on global finance, China, investigative reports, leadership and strategies.
“If a man has courage, resources and believes in the truth, he won’t bend his principles and will fight back hard under any circumstances.”
1) “Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.” – Abraham Lincoln
2) “No publicity is bad publicity.” – Donald Trump
3) “Facts are stubborn things.” – John Adams
4) “YOLO” – You Only Live Once, Fight for Principles and Civil Justice, Never Give Up
  • Member – Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York
  • Member – Columbia University Club of New York
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Member of the Advisory Board, U.S. – China Summit
  • Executive Director, Foreign Investment Committee, Investment Association of China (IAC) – a large investment membership group affiliated with China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a Chinese government agency
  • Director, China Mergers & Acquisitions Association
  • Research project adviser – NYGG research project with China’s central bank (2005)
  • Senior adviser to several Chinese municipal governments and agencies
Benjamin Wey was awarded a “golden key” in China for his leadership in sponsoring and building schools, providing educational opportunities to orphans and underprivileged farm kids in rural areas. Benjamin Wey has also led efforts to support educational programs each year in Asia and the United States, including supporting Columbia University as well as for several years, hosted and sponsored Yale University’s Environment and Sustainable Development Leadership Program (ESDLP).
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