Direct Investments

The NYGG Investment Approach:

NYGG invests in a broad spectrum of companies across many industries. As a “total return” styled institutional investor, NYGG invests in both early stage startups and late stage mature companies. Venture capital + Private Equity = NYGG Investments.
Due to our long standing history and extensive transaction experience over the last 20 years, we have a significant deal flow. We meet with many growth-oriented companies every year. The vast majority of them approach us directly. Historically, we have accepted less than 2% of all companies reviewed as clients.
The market rises and the market falls. We have the conviction that a company with strong fundamentals, a clear vision, a passionate and disciplined management team will succeed over time. “Solid earnings growth reflects quality management; capable management is reflected in delivering consistent earnings growth” is one of our guiding principles in client selection.