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New York Global Group (“NYGG”) provides strategic advice and funding to a diverse array of private and public entities that have extensive business interests in Asia and elsewhere. NYGG’s advisory or investment clients include several governments, Fortune Global 500 companies and many other businesses worldwide. Collectively, NYGG’s global staff speaks more than 6 languages.
Under the leadership of NYGG Chairman James N. Baxter – a Harvard Law School graduate and the former Head of Asia Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch, and NYGG CEO Benjamin Wey – a Columbia University graduate, China expert and a leading strategic advisor and global financier specialized in Asia related issues; NYGG has participated in more than 400 projects worldwide involving market entry strategies, high level government relations, project due diligence assignments as well as complex funding and financing issues.
In 2015, NYGG celebrates an 20 year track record and 17 years of market presence in Asia (1998-2015).
For more than a decade, following a “total return” investment style, NYGG’s investments and services are not limited to a particular sector, industry or geography. NYGG has executed or participated in projects in many countries involving multiple cultures, currencies and billions of dollars. NYGG works closely with corporate issuers, bankers and their legal and accounting advisors as well as business owners and entrepreneurs. NYGG helps clients develop growth opportunities and assist them in achieving their strategic goals.