Aligned Strategic Interest, Total Commitment to Client Success

At New York Global Group ® , we often ask the same two questions:
  1. Are we adding strategic value to the growth of a business to help it achieve its stated objectives?
  2. Are we participating in a meaningful way that not only provides sufficient growth capital for a company, but also enables NYGG to leverage our extensive global resources and relationships to help a business accomplish greater successes?
We invest in a business only because we believe that we can add tangible value – sufficient growth capital, strategic contacts and relentless pursuit of flawless execution. Our interest is fully aligned with those of a company’s management team and its shareholders. We require that our portfolio companies maintain strong corporate governance, transparency and be fully compliant with all laws and regulations in their respective jurisdictions.
We advise a business with its market entry related issues and provide guidance for its strategic direction. NYGG is totally committed to client success while maintaining client confidentiality and safeguarding the integrity of their intellectual properties.
It is these basic philosophies that have helped build our reputation on trust over the last 20 years, successfully advising and funding growth companies, generating job opportunities for all.
The Executive Committee
New York Global Group ®