NYGG Philosophy


No Conflict of Interest:

New York Global Group works with bulge bracket firms and boutique investment banks worldwide by introducing quality companies to them. In the United States, we have chosen not to become a transaction fee based broker-dealer or an investment adviser. Thus, we do not sell securities or manage client funds in the U.S. This basic principle ensures that we have no conflicts of interest with duly licensed investment banks during their independent due diligence process by not sharing fees or receiving any sort of compensation from them.
In Asia, we are a fully licensed investment advisory firm that engages in a broad range of corporate securities investments and investment banking activities in accordance with the local laws and regulations.

Established Track Record:

We have participated in more than 400 projects worldwide for more than a decade that has produced a long history of positive investment returns.

Capital Strength:

With access to approximately $1 billion of direct investment capital, we evaluate and efficiently invest in projects across the globe.

Focused on Project Quality:

We adopt an extensive set of project evaluation and due diligence criteria focused on accounting and business practices. Our client acceptance ratio is less than 2% of companies reviewed. We work with companies that demonstrate market leadership, consistent profitability and unswerving commitment to strong corporate governance.